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    David Rivier

    Building & scaling Tech businesses and products - Start-ups / Scale-ups

    Product strategy - Product Management - Product Development

  • // I love creating and scaling businesses & products

    As far as I can remember, I have always been involved with building new businesses or products and this, a long time before my professional career starts (working with web agencies, start-ups and then launching the first French Law portal ABCjuris.com in the late 90s).


    I find nothing more exciting than the challenges associated with the creation and the development of a business and working with an extremely talented team. Building / Scaling a business requires a different type of energy and a totally different motivation.


    Until recently, I was Chief Product Officer (CPO) and Board Member at Concrete helping retail brands to improve their retail execution and store performance. I helped Concrete with its business transformation, leading the product and engineering organization which included launching and scaling the new Concrete Platform.


    You can find more professional information : LinkedIn



    Outside work:


    I enjoy Bikram Yoga, Skiing, Running, Cycling and Swimming (And yes, I am definitely trying to get better at Triathlon! )

  • // Skills

    My career led me to manage larger and smaller teams composed of product managers, product designers, and engineers. I had the opportunity to work at an early stage for great brands such as Skype, Skyscanner, 118 118Money, and with large corporates such as Barclaycard or HP and obviously lots of start-ups in varied stages (Academici, Knexus, Passado,…). I am industry agnostic working indifferently for consumers and SaaS products, across Telecom, Travel, Retail, Finance, and Consulting.

    I have definitely a preference for marketplace or platform business where there is a number of actors at play, an innovative business model, and product innovation.

    Product Leadership and Operation

    My experience spans various type of organization and culture. In those roles, I organized, defined and set goals, communicated to wider teams, alongside structuring / recruiting strong teams to deliver and execute roadmap(s) to reach company objectives.



    - Creating alignment between product, and engineering teams to generate momentum

    - Structuring product development teams to deliver on opportunities

    - Launching new businesses, platforms, and products

    - Moving from start-up to scale-up (Formalising vision, product strategy, and execution)

    - Leading team(s): 5 to 100 team members

    - Board Member

    - Setting an innovation pipeline

    - Mentoring, coaching




    Product strategy expert

    15 years spent crafting product strategy across various industries: Telecom, Travel, Retail, Financial Services, Consulting.

    • Defining  vision and product goals
    • Analyzing market,  growth and product opportunity
    • Identifying customer segments
    • Go-To-Market Strategy
    • Growth strategy
    • Building and rationalizing  product portfolio
    • Product Roadmaps
    • Building new business/product concepts 
    - Establish business and product vision
    - Market analysis and segmentation
    - Business and product strategy
    - Identifying customers' need(s)
    - Building, launching and scaling product(s)
    - Organisational set-up across large and smaller organizations
    - Creating roadmap(s)

    Turnaround & Transformation Initiatives

    Sometimes it is necessary to lead a business through a transformation period which includes repositioning, new markets opportunities, growth acceleration, re-platforming, new product development or changing the business organizational fabric so you are able to attract the right talent which will unleash the business opportunities.


    I have led a number of business turnarounds and transformations initiatives working across the following activities:

    • Business strategy
    • Product strategy
    • Retiring product initiatives
    • Team management (Composition, dynamic, location(s)



    - Taking over and developing a large transformation activity which failed previously three times and securing senior leadership buy-in

    - Rebuilding high performing product and engineering teams

    - Business repositioning

    - Outsourcing or build key competencies internally

    - New platform and products development or product rationalization

    - Improving roadmap(s) execution

    - Improving business/benefits case or financial performances





  • // Feeback

    Filip Filipov - VP Product Management


    "I worked with David during the product strategy definition of our B2B vertical. David is a gem - his critical thinking always keeps you on your toes, as he looks at a problem from all angles. His contributions are well-thought, provocative, and sometimes unorthodox, yet, it is refreshing to work with someone not afraid to share his opinion in order to further the product development and user experience. What I really appreciated while working with David was the fact that he wouldn't settle for the easiest route, but rather push for a solution that has a long term view towards growth and sustainability, instead of a quick win. In fact, some of the work we did in b2b still remains as a guide for our product roadmap. Great guy, recommended."

    Srini Kasturi - Regional head of cash and client connectivity

    Deutsche Bank

    "David brings a passion to the work environment that is hard to match. He is extremely knowledgeable about all things digital, and has a head for innovation. Never one to take a shortcut, you can see him worrying and thinking about the problem and discussing it with colleagues, until he feels the strategy is right for the consumer and for the company. David has worked in some rather unstructured projects, and all credit to him for ensuring a positive outcome every time. David is great at strategic thinking, conceptualising new business models and user experiences, bringing new ideas and knowledge into the work ecosystem and guiding colleagues to think afresh. At the same time, he brings a good dose of realism to every project, staying pragmatic to identify tangible opportunities for the organisation.."

    Sten Tamkivi - Chief Product Officer


    "David was very passionately running Skypecasts (free global public conference calls for up to 100 participants), both business & product wise. I admired his passion for user community and long term vision for his product. And I was also very satisfied with his research in some completely new online commerce areas we were experimenting with at Skype at the time."

    Shervin Moghaddam - Vice-President, Buyer Experience product


    "I really enjoyed working with David. He's a smart guy who's got great training in Marketing, Strategy and Product Management and is an expert in his field. The great thing about David is that he's one of the rare group of people who can do great thinking then really push hard and get it done."

    Konstantinos Papalmiltiadis - Director, Platform partnerships


    David, is a highly motivated individual that is detailed oriented with strong communication skills. David has succeeded to build a successful product achieving high standards of professionalism and leadership towards the definitions and the delivery of it."

    Saurabh Verma - Financial Services Leader


    “David came on a though project at the very critical stage. He quickly understood the vision, the business drivers, solution and technical challenges. David improved the progress of delivery, but knew when issues needed to be made visible to senior stakeholders. He has played a pivotal role on the project and its success.


    David loves a challenge and always making a difference. He strives for continuous improvement in his work and those around him, which creates a very positive environment.


    I would definitely recommend David, especially in roles which require him to be an innovator as he is a natural thought leader. It has been a real pleasure working with him.”

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